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A Unique Object

It is the largest aquarium in Europe situated far from the sea. 80 fish tanks are inhabited by more than 12000 marine and freshwater animals.

Our visitors have a unique opportunity to watch big marine animals, such as killer whales, beluga whales and dolphins.

Meet the inhabitants of deep seas: starfish, rays, xiphosuras and others.

*Due to maintenance works and the animals’ sleep some of the aquarium windows may have the shades closed.
Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm
box office is open from 10 am to 10 pm

Video from the Aquarium

For our visitors’ convenience we have set up information displays telling about the inhabitants of the underwater world in a simple engaging manner. Thus Moskvarium becomes a living encyclopaedia of the world ocean.

Plan your visit
not to miss a single bright moment

10:00 Opening of Moskvarium
21:00 Closing the entrance to the Aquarium
22:00 Closing of Moskvarium


Moskvarium is open
from 10 am till 10 pm
Monday through Thursday (except for public holidays)
Friday through Sunday and public holidays, holidays

Children (3 to 12 years old)

800RUB per person
900RUB per person


1100RUB per person
1300RUB per person

2 adults + 1 child

2650RUB per group
3250RUB per group

2 adults + 2 children

3200RUB per group
4100RUB per group
Social Deals

Special discount prices are only offered to Russian citizens.

Special discount prices are only offered at Moskvarium box office on visiting day to the holders of proper papers.

We offer discount tickets to the following categories:
Disabled people of the 1st group or disabled children (+1 companion) — 10 RUB per person, on any day. The 2nd group — 600 RUB per person, on any day.

Other categories
Large families — 600 RUB per person, on any day. Senior people — 50% discount on the ticket price for one person, on working Mondays only. WWII veterans, national heroes of Russia and the USSR — 10 RUB per person, on any day.

Get Ready for New Adventures

Informative tours
Stories from true connoisseurs of the sea
Experienced guides will tell you about the life in the world ocean and our beloved animals
In-house Events
Кормление обитателей – выбирайте настроение
Леденящее кровь кормление акул? Или самых дружелюбных обитателей Аквариума – очаровательных нерп? А может быть пираний или мурен?
Knowledge Centre
A place to find out something new and incredibly interesting
We will tell you in simple words about the life system in the seas and oceans, about their inhabitants’ behaviour and the latest scientific discoveries

Have a Snack
Floor 0
Paluba and Amazonia Cafes
An amazing panoramic view on floating killer whales, playing dolphins and charming white whales in the water
Floor 1
Shokoladnitsa Cafe
You’re in for your favourite dishes and delicious desserts on Floor 1. You can take a seat at a comfortable table and watch marine animals through the glass or take your order away.
Floor 2
Narnia Bar Restaurant
Russian, Italian, American, Pan-Asian and other cuisines of the world. You can enjoy fragrant coffee and fresh juice.
Have a Rest
Floor 3
Nursing Room
In the baby care rooms on the ground, first and third floors of the complex you can feed and swaddle the baby.
Floor 2 and all around Moskvarium
Recreation Areas
We designed everything in Moskvarium for you to have a nice rest. We have a lot of space filled with restaurants, cafes and recreation areas.
Floor 1
Here you can also leave children’s scooters, strollers, bicycles etc.
All Around Moskvarium
Barrier-Free Environment
Ramps, equipped elevators, a staircase chairlifts with a fold-away platform.
Floor 1
Photo Printing
You can choose any amount of the professional photos we make for you at Moskvarium and print them using an automatic machine on Floor 1.