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Up to 2000 visitors
Catering service
Unique Aquarium tours
Show buyout
All the necessary equipment

Halls of Moskvarium

Once upon a time, on the shortest and the warmest night of the year, in the fabulous forest there flourishes an amazing flower of love. Only the purest and the most beautiful girl can get to the middle of the forest and pick the flowers, struggling with tiredness and fear, until early morning. The more flower buds she finds, the more love she can give to people. Violating the ancient prophecy and being tired of waiting, a local blacksmith decides to set off to the forest in search for his flower and provokes the fury of ancient spirits. Will the characters survive and bring back love to the world of people? Find out at the unique circus musicale with marine animals named «A Midsummer Night’s Dream».

Shokolot Family Cafe
More Music Space
An amazing panoramic view on flying killer whales, playing dolphins and charming white whales in the water
Lecture Rooms
A unique place to hold conferences, seminars, lectures, presentations, training sessions and other business events.
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