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Where to Eat

The places where you will be able to eat during a visit to Moskvarium.
Delicious food, special atmosphere and free Wi-Fi.
Moskvarium cafes are open not only for the visitors of the aquarium. We welcome everyone who comes to our complex.

Shokolot Family Cafe

Narnia Restaurant and Bar

Location: the 2nd floor of the complex.
Menu: Russian, Italian and American cuisine, diet menu.
On the second floor of our complex there is a cozy Narnia cafe where you can recharge your batteries and relax from exploring the underwater world. Narnia is ideal for a family dinner, the menu offers delicious hot dishes, light salads, soft drinks and a variety of desserts.

Shokoladnitsa Coffee Shop

Location: the 1st floor of the complex.
Menu: a wide range of drinks, business lunches and desserts.
You can have a cup of coffee with fragrant desserts and pastries, as well as have a nourishing business lunch in the favorite Shokoladnitsa cafe. The cafe is located on the ground floor of the complex and has a stunning panoramic view of the sea aquarium with sharks, rays and other exotic fish.

Paluba and Amazonia Cafes

Location: 0 floor, the area of the Aquarium.
Menu: hot and cold drinks, desserts and pastries.
Themed cafes have been created specifically for the visitors of the Aquarium. Paluba and Amazonia are ready to recharge their guests who don't have to leave the amazing atmosphere of the underwater world. Having replenished your forces, you will be able to return to the exhibition with new energy.