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Centre of Swimming with Dolphins

A premium product that gives you unique emotions in Moscow

A Good Mood and Joy for the Entire Day

Moskvarium’s Centre of Swimming with Dolphins is a unique place. 7 brand new hi-tech swimming pools are at your service.

Gain an amazing experience and energy while swimming with these smart, playful and friendly animals under the guidance of experienced instructors, and hear their charming underwater noises. All the locker rooms at the swimming pools are equipped with separate shower cabins.
The temperature in the pools is +22º C (71,6º F).
The centre is situated at Moskvarium, VDNKh, 119 Prospekt Mira, building 23, entrance 17, Moscow.

Phone: +7 495 739 00 91
E-mail: swim@moskvarium.ru
The box office at the Centre is open until 10 pm.

Delightful Splashes

We offer both individual and group swimming with your friends and we will do everything to make your positive emotions last. Besides, swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable gift that you can present either to yourself or your beloved ones.

Single Swimming
In a pool with 1 dolphin
15 000RUB per person
In a pool with 2 dolphins
20 000RUB per person
10-session pass
130 000RUB per person
Family Swimming
With 1 dolphin (in a group up to 4 people)
25 000RUB per group
With 2 dolphins (in a group up to 6 people)
30 000RUB per group
Video shooting of your swimming with dolphins
Short clip (3—5 minutes)
3 000RUB per session
Full HD video film (10—15 minutes)
6 000RUB per session
Full HD video film (10—15 minutes)
10 000RUB per session
Group Swimming
Approximately 5 minutes for each person (in a group of 6 to 10 people)
3 500RUB per person
20 minutes in a pool for the whole group (an organised group of 7 to 12 people)
6 500RUB per person
Gift Cards
Single Swimming + a flash drive with 10 photos
17 000RUB per person
Single Swimming with 2 dolphins + a flash drive with 10 photos
22 000RUB per person
Swimming for 2 people with 2 dolphins + a flash drive with 10 photos
27 000RUB per group
Family Swimming + a flash drive with 10 photos
32 000RUB per group
  • Sessions are available every day and last 45 minutes. Swimming with dolphins lasts 20 minutes.

Dolphin Therapy

One-time purchase of 10 or more sessions
4 000RUB per session
One-time purchase of 1—9 sessions
5 000RUB per session
For children from 3 to 18 years of age. 1 visitor, 1 dolphin, 1 instructor, 1 dolphin therapist instructor. Sessions are available on weekdays. 1 session lasts 55 minutes. Swimming with dolphins lasts 25 minutes.

Interaction with Dolphins

10 minutes
Lecture on dolphins’ nature and behaviour.
The lecture is held at the guests’ part of the pool.
5 minutes
Instructions on how to communicate with dolphins safely.
10 minutes
Tactile contact with the dolphin while standing on the side of the pool.
A photoshoot is available at an extra charge.
5—10 minutes
The basics of a coach’s job.
For a group of 3 to 8 people at one session
5 000RUB per person
For children and adults from 2 to 99 years of age. 1 session lasts 30—35 minutes. Sessions are available upon request. Book sessions beforehand in the Centre of Swimming with Dolphins.

Young Dolphin Trainer School

You will learn more about the work of Moskvarium, the Centre of Swimming with Dolphins and communicate with the dolphins in the pool.
For children from 8 to 17 years of age (groups from 5 to 8 people) 10000 RUB per person
10 000RUB per person
  • One lesson lasts 4 hours.
The Aquarium Tour
The Chief Trainer’s Lecture on Dolphins
Playing with Dolphins Standing on the Side
Interaction with Dolphins in the Pool

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