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Around the World in the New Year’s Night | Moskvarium

New Year Show in Moskvarium

«Around the World in the New Year’s Night» is a new water show with marine mammals.

Every year the Earth freezes in anticipation of the New Year with its new hopes, new holidays, new adventures. But what if the New Year has difficulty coming to us? What if the Old Year doesn't want to say goodbye to us and wants to stop the planet from spinning forever? To save the holiday, the characters have to go around the world in one night and prevent the theft of New Year traditions on several continents. They will be helped by charismatic walruses, cheerful dolphins, playful sea lions and, of course, beautiful killer whales.

Experience the unforgettable excitement of our new water show!
Aquarium tickets
for 500 RUB when purchasing
a ticket to the Show
If you buy a ticket to any Show plus an admission ticket to the Aquarium at the same time, the price of the Aquarium ticket is only 500 RUB.
"The offer is only valid when visiting both
the Show and the Aquarium on the same day"

Спланируйте визит,
чтобы не упустить ни одного яркого момента

10:00 Открытие Москвариума
21:00 Закрытие аквариума на вход
22:00 Закрытие Москвариума
Have a Snack
Floor 0
Paluba and Amazonia Cafes
An amazing panoramic view on floating killer whales, playing dolphins and charming white whales in the water
Floor 1
Shokoladnitsa Cafe
You’re in for your favourite dishes and delicious desserts on Floor 1. You can take a seat at a comfortable table and watch marine animals through the glass or take your order away.
Floor 2
Narnia Bar Restaurant
Russian, Italian, American, Pan-Asian and other cuisines of the world. You can enjoy fragrant coffee and fresh juice.
Have a Rest
Floor 3
Nursing Room
For the youngest visitors we have prepared a cosy room: there is a changing table, a microwave oven and a cooler.
Floor 2 and all around Moskvarium
Recreation Areas
We designed everything in Moskvarium for you to have a nice rest. We have a lot of space filled with restaurants, cafes and recreation areas.
Floor 1
Here you can also leave children’s scooters, strollers, bicycles etc.
All Around Moskvarium
Barrier-Free Environment
Ramps, equipped elevators, a staircase chairlifts with a fold-away platform.
Floor 1
Photo Printing
You can choose any amount of the professional photos we make for you at Moskvarium and print them using an automatic machine on Floor 1.