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VIP Boxes

VIP Boxes

We hold spectacular water show at the hi-tech auditorium of Moskvarium. We suggest enjoying a panoramic view on the gigantic stage from VIP boxes. You are in for high-quality service, excellent catering and comfort.

Moskvarium offers a wide range of premises and programs for an unforgettable prom. Flexible zones are suitable for buffet, activity games, dancing and concerts.


Ваш праздник может быть проведен в любом понравившемся Вам помещении. Наши специалисты подскажут наиболее удачные варианты и помогут с оборудованием помещения.

60 people or more
Jaws Exhibition
Rare exhibits of the leading museums and colleges of Russia, interactive projections, virtual reality attraction, a three-metre long jaw of a Megalodon.
30—60 people
Paluba Cafe
An amazing panoramic view on flying killer whales, playing dolphins and charming white whales in the water
15—30 people
Lecture Rooms
A unique place to hold conferences, seminars, lectures, presentations, training sessions and other business events.
10—15 people
Narnia Bar Restaurant
Russian, Italian, American, Pan-Asian and other cuisines of the world. You can enjoy fragrant coffee and fresh juice.
15—30 people
VIP Boxes
An ideal place to enjoy the unbelievable water show in a comfortable and intimate lounge with individual service.

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